Monday, October 26, 2009

Yes I'm Still Alive

Being back at work always makes me feel as if I have zero time for anything except work. Before I know it another month has slipped by. So I've been terrible and haven't even touched a scrap of fabric since my last break. Being away from home so much always puts other things in my mind when I get home. Like cuddling kitties and doing my washing. Not half as exciting as making corsets but I'll find some balance soon.


  1. Hello Clara, I hope your job is going well. I have some comments about your cosmetic post below pertaining to the 18th c., but I will have to do it in another comment. It is hard to find balance, I know this in my own life. Good luck! I think you have really nifty hobbies!

  2. I have not been able to sew in what feels like a million years. I really really know how you feel.